Hotel de Verbier is easily accessible by plane, helicopter, train or car. The most convenient option is to reserve a shuttle, either private or shared, directly from the airport to the hotel.

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Additionally, the main airports of Geneva and Zurich are also directly connected to the train system.

The trains, punctual as Swiss watches, stop at Le Châble:

Preferably take the direct connecting bus straight to Verbier centre.

Alternatively, take the Le Châble – Medran lift (15min including a stroll down to the hotel on Place Centrale).

Taxis are also available. The closest parking is Marais Verts.


Geneva, Sion, Zurich, Bern, Basel, Milan


Le Châble, Croix de Coeur

Airport shuttle

Alpine Express


Geneva ~2hrs, Sion ~1hr, Zurich ~3hrs, Bern ~2hrs, Basel ~3hrs, Milan ~3.5hrs


There are several official car parks close to Place Centrale.


Geneva Airport – Le Châble
(“Verbier Express” direct) 2.5h
Zürich Airport – Le Châble 4h

Moving around Verbier

Place Centrale (Hôtel de Verbier) constitutes the centre of the main restaurant and commercial streak.

The main lift (Médran) is a 5-minute walk.

All Verbier shuttles are free, passing Place Centrale and Médran, entailing there is a shuttle approx. every 5 minutes.

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